NYPH WEILL CORNELL UROLOGIST DARIUS PADUCH Faked Being Heterosexual To Gain The Trust Of Male Patients.

NYPH WEILL CORNELL UROLOGIST DARIUS PADUCH faked being heterosexual to gain the trust of male patients.

Hundreds of patients are shocked to learn that Weill Cornell Urologist Dr. Darius Paduch is a total fraud. Paduch presented to his patients as being a straight male in order to give patients the impression that the things he was doing were a form of legitimate, clinical medical care.

They were not.

In recent years, deviant doctors have become increasingly skilled as masking exploitation and SA as a form of legitimate medical care. Darius Paduch took his fraud a step further by pretending to be heterosexual in order to decrease any suspicions that his patients had about the awkward exams he was conducting. In reality, what Paduch was doing to patients was wholly improper and designed solely to indulge Paduch’s sick and twisted desires to exploit men and boys by putting them under fake and non-standard medical “exams”.

Some patients have reported being surprised that this seemingly straight, heterosexual male was willing to touch them in a way that they themselves thought they could never do. “Initially, it seemed like Paduch was being professional,” says one of his victims (identity protected). For many, it only became apparent that Paduch’s exams weren’t appropriate when the patients went on to visit other doctors, and were told they never had the medical conditions that Paduch told them they had.

Darius Paduch has been perpetrating these terrible lies for decades, while hiding his sexual orientation, in order to lower the guards of unsuspecting male patients. One of the biggest lies that was perpetrated by Paduch, is that he told his patients that he had a wife and kids.

The truth is that Darius Paduch wasn’t married to a woman. He is married to a man. “It all makes sense now. His way of diagnosing & touching had been bothering me for so long,” says one of Paduch’s victims (identity protected).

Incredibly, Paduch’s husband also works for Weill Cornell Hospital, the same institution that has been covering up Paduch’s sexual abuse of young boys and men for over two decades. Everything being done by Urologist Darius Paduch and Weill Cornell/NYPH has been one elaborate fraud that was perpetrated on the public and thousands of unsuspecting patients.

If you are a whistleblower who has information about this cover-up at NYPH, Weill Cornell, or Northwell Hospital, or were a patient who was exposed to Darius Paduch, call The DiPietro Law Firm for a 100% Confidential and Free Consultation at (212) 233-3600.

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