Robert Hadden Sexual Abuse Cases

Robert Hadden, a disgraced Obstetrician-Gynecologist (OB/GYN) who worked for Columbia University and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, was criminally convicted in 2016 of sexually exploiting and abusing patients under the guise of medical care.
Hadden used his position of authority and trust to sexually exploit women and girls for nearly 25 years as a Columbia University physician.
All the while, Columbia University and New York-Presbyterian Hospital administrators turned their backs and ignored reports of Hadden’s abuse, gaslighting patients and the public.

Darius Paduch Sexual Abuse Cases

Evidence continues to emerge regarding Darius Paduch’s patterns of performing inappropriate and medically unnecessary “diagnostic techniques” that included digitally raping men without gloves, medically unnecessary follow-up appointments designed solely to allow Paduch to further sexually abuse patients, and grooming minor patients over text messages. While pretending to be a urologist at a well-known medical institution in New York City, Paduch used his power and position of trust in order to sexually exploit and abuse victims under the guise of medical treatment.
Paduch is now facing a federal criminal prosecution, as well as 60 years in prison. Since the first lawsuit was filed back in December, dozens of more patients have now come forward to join the civil lawsuits.

David H. Broadbent Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

David H. Broadbent is a former OB/GYN under criminal investigation and facing civil lawsuits for sexual abuse of patients. Broadbent worked at multiple medical facilities in the Provo, Orem and Salt Lake City, UT areas, including:
  • Intermountain Healthcare’s Utah Valley Hospital;
  • MountainStar Healthcare’s Timpanogos Hospital;
  • Other Utah health care providers; and
  • He also had adverse action taken against his medical license back in 1990.

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