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Overview Of The Darius Paduch Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Darius Paduch, a predator male Urologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, has been criminally indicted for abusing and taking advantage of several underage and adult patients. The indictments follow reports of several civil cases being filed by former patients of Paduch.

A Breach of Trust in the Medical Profession at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

The implications of the criminal prosecution of urologist Darius Paduch are far-reaching. Recently, the former Columbia University OBGYN Robert Hadden was criminally convicted of sexually abusing multiple patients under the guise of medical care. These new legal filings against Columbia’s sister entity New York-Presbyterian Hospital should result in an in-depth investigation by the authorities, and state regulators, into what exactly the administrators have been doing to make sure that patients at their medical facilities are being protected from sexual abuse by Columbia University and NYPH doctors.

The sexual abuse that was committed by urologist Darius Paduch is yet another chapter in the ongoing violations of trust that have been happening at Columbia and NYPH for decades. The safety and well-being of patients should always be the #1 Priority for all healthcare providers. But instead of making patient safety paramount, this is yet another example of New York Presbyterian’s well-established history of putting its own reputation over the health and well-being of countless unsuspecting patients who unknowingly were being exposed to serial sexual predators.

How Did Darius Paduch Sexually Abuse Patients?

Evidence continues to emerge regarding Dr. Darius Paduch’s patterns of performing inappropriate and medically unnecessary “diagnostic techniques” that included digitally raping men without gloves, medically unnecessary follow-up appointments designed solely to allow Paduch to further sexually abuse patients, and grooming minor patients over text messages. While pretending to be a urologist at a well-known medical institution in New York City, Paduch used his power and position of trust in order to sexually exploit and abuse victims under the guise of medical treatment.

Paduch is now facing a federal criminal prosecution, as well as 60 years in prison. Since the first lawsuit was filed back in December, dozens of more patients have now come forward to join the civil lawsuits. UPDATE NOVEMBER 2023: At the end of October 2023, Darius Paduch was indicted for the second time. Read more.

If you were exposed to Darius Paduch, call us at (212) 233-3600 and learn more about these cases and your rights. All calls are 100% Free & Confidential.

Darius Paduch was employed at the New York-Presbyterian until 2019 but appeared to have been moved or transferred over to Northwell Health. However, Northwell Health appears to have removed all evidence of Paduch’s affiliation with their institution from their website.

“New York Laws require that medical professionals report the professional misconduct of their colleagues to the State Licensing agency. Unfortunately, it is far too common that hospitals and medical clinics don’t actually report the abuse. Instead, they often will just move the predator to another location or sometimes give the abuser the opportunity to voluntarily resign. When that happens, the institutions and the medical professionals involved in the failure to report should be subjected to disciplinary action of their own.” says Founder Anthony T. DiPietro, Esq.

You may be eligible to file an action anonymously against Darius Paduch for sexual abuse. Check your eligibility for Darius Paduch.

Our firm is lead counsel in the OBGYN Robert Hadden sexual abuse cases against New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University. We have already secured a settlement fund of over $236 million for our clients, and our results in doctor-sexual abuse cases are unsurpassed by any firm in the country.

Sexual assault is a traumatic incident. We understand the help and justice you seek. If you have any of the below questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

I believe I was a victim/patient of Dr Darius Paduch. How can I be sure?

It is common that serial sexual predators like Darius Paduch will use highly sophisticated ways of exploiting patients. Since patients aren’t familiar with the medical standards of care, predators like Dr. Paduch will mask sexual exploitation and abuse as a form of bona fide medical care. The examples of this are endless. If you were exposed to Darius Paduch and would like to learn more, please call us on (212) 233-3600 and ask to speak with one of our Darius Paduch case experts. All consultations are 100% free and confidential.

If I am a victim of Paduch, who am I filing the Lawsuit against?

It is the tradition of our office to file these cases against both Darius Paduch and his employers New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Northwell. Evidence is emerging that his employers knew of Paduch’s abuse but did nothing except cover it up and continue exposing unsuspecting patients to a known predator.

Is there a deadline to file my lawsuit?

Yes, the deadline is fast approaching. But there is still time to file. If you were exposed to urologist Darius Paduch, please call us for a free and confidential consultation at (212) 233-3600.

I was a minor when I suffered abuse. Is there anything different about my case?

While the abuse of any patient by a medical doctor is inexcusable, the abuse of a minor patient is clearly even worse. Regardless of whether you were a minor or an adult, if you were exposed to Darius Paduch, call us at (212) 233-3600 to learn more.

I don’t want my identity revealed. Can I still file the Lawsuit?

Yes! You will automatically be anonymous in all court documents. We will only use your actual name if you specifically direct us to do so. Otherwise, you will be listed as “John or Jane Doe”.

How can a survivor receive compensation for the abuse suffered at the hands of Paduch?

Unlike other offices, the focus of our law firm specifically involves cases involving patient safety. Within that area, we have been concentrating on cases involving sexual exploitation and abuse by doctors from long before most people even heard of #MeToo. If you have a question about your case or experience with Darius Paduch, call us at (212) 233-3600 for a free and confidential consultation.

I know a victim of Paduch, but they are not ready to come forward. Can I file on their behalf?

No, but we appreciate your concern for other fellow human beings. We share those values, and that is why we are the first law firm in the country to offer 100% free mental health counseling by trained professionals to all of our clients. This optional service is available to every one of our clients for the asking. Time is running out though – the deadline is November 23, 2023. Read more on reddit about Darius Paduch.

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Darius Paduch Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

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Founder Anthony T. DiPietro, Esq. is a compassionate and skilled trial attorney who has completely dedicated the past 23 years of his career to litigating medical malpractice and sexual abuse cases against major corporate institutions including hospitals, medical clinics, schools, and other wrongdoers.

Mr. DiPietro has also obtained some of New York State’s highest verdicts and settlements, and has been selected to New York State Super Lawyers® each year, for the past 10 years in a row.

In 2022, Mr. DiPietro was selected as one of America’s Top 100 High-Stakes Litigators for the landmark cases he’s won on behalf of survivors of sexual exploitation and abuse.

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Here, at The DiPietro Law Firm, we’re committed to helping victims of sexual abuse and assault find the justice they deserve.

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