[2024 Guide] Why Should We Not Call Him “Dr. Robert Hadden” Anymore?

Why We Use "Dr. Robert Hadden" in some of Our Content

Several law firms advertising their services to file suit against Columbia University and its affiliates for Robert Hadden’s sexual abuse have decided to continue calling Robert Hadden a “Doctor.”

They’ve done this despite the fact that Hadden has been stripped of all medical credentials and professional titles, and has been criminally charged with sexually assaulting his patients.

Why Should We Not Call Him “Dr. Robert Hadden” Anymore?

Somebody who sexually assaults patients under the guise of medical care DOES NOT deserve salutations.

Robert Hadden is facing life in prison for the crimes he committed.

Robert Hadden is not a doctor. Robert Hadden is a convicted sexual felon.

The only reason the DiPietro Law Firm uses “Dr. Robert Hadden” in some of our content is so that victims are able to find us when searching for help.

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Why Do Some Lawyers Still Call Him “Dr. Robert Hadden”?

Attorneys who have been running advertisements and publishing content online about the lawsuits against Columbia University have continued to use the title “Doctor” to refer to Robert Hadden.

While there could be multiple reasons for this, we believe that it boils down to the following two points:

  1. Law firms and attorneys who have been completely uninvolved in the litigation are uneducated about the offensiveness of such a term.
  2. Marketing agencies working on behalf of law firms are flooding the internet with content surrounding “Dr. Robert Hadden” keywords.

Robert Hadden’s victims have suffered at the hands of a person who they trusted to care for their health, and the continued use of the title “Doctor” by law firms trivializes the harm that was done and affords Hadden the credibility associated with the term.

It can also be re-traumatizing for victims to see their abuser referred to as a “Doctor,” as it serves as a reminder of the betrayal of trust that occurred.

The use of salutations with this predator is offensive to what victims have gone through and the current fight to hold Columbia University liable.

We advocate for the use of “Doctor Robert Hadden” to be halted, but due to the mass influx of content on the web about the lawsuit and criminal trial, and publishers drawing influence from previously published content, we are forced to use the term in order to reach the women that need our help.

Robert Hadden Does Not Deserve the Title of “Doctor”

Convicted of sexually assaulting patients, Robert Hadden grossly violated the moral principles and codes of conduct that are fundamental to the medical profession.

The title “doctor” must continue to be associated with the qualities of compassion, care, and trustworthiness.

A person who has been found guilty of sexually assaulting patients no longer deserves to be referred to as a doctor, as this title is reserved for those who honor the profession and uphold patient safety as the number one priority.

Affording someone who has been convicted of assaulting patients the title of “doctor” sends a message that their actions are acceptable, and erodes the trust that patients place in the medical profession in general.

Patients should have confidence that their medical providers will not cause them harm, and referring to someone who has been convicted of assaulting patients as a “doctor” sends a conflicting message.

Hadden used his position of power and authority as a doctor, granted to him by Columbia University’s medical system, to sexually abuse patients.

Contact Us Anonymously if You Are a Survivor or Whistleblower of Robert Hadden's Sexual Abuse

Prosecuting Robert Hadden criminally is just one part of the fight to hold all parties legally accountable.

Civil lawsuits are continually being filed by The DiPietro Law Firm against Columbia University, and other medical facilities, for enabling and protecting Robert Hadden.

For the past decade, our Founder Anthony T. DiPietro, Esq., has been suing Columbia University to hold them accountable for covering up the decades of Robert Hadden’s sexual exploitation and abuse.

From the early years, Mr. DiPietro made a conscious and deliberate decision to put his clients’ comfort level first.

While you have likely read the stories of several of our firm’s high-profile victims and survivors who have gone public in an effort to hold Columbia accountable, there are also hundreds of other women, girls, and men, who Mr. DiPietro represents that you haven’t read about.

Every one of our clients matters to us.

Regardless if you’re a public figure, celebrity, or just a regular human being hoping to keep your privacy and anonymity intact, we’re the right firm for you.

We truly understand the importance of earning and maintaining our clients’ trust, and have been 100% successful in protecting the anonymity of our clients who wish to pursue their cases anonymously.

We’re here to help guide you through this process in a way that most lawyers and law firms can’t even begin to understand.

The reasons for this are quite simple: 

  1. Mr. DiPietro understands the complex emotions and challenges that victims and survivors wrestle with when deciding to come forward. As a result, he has committed himself to doing everything possible to protect and support his clients throughout this process. One of the ways he has achieved this, was through building a team of dedicated Client Success Specialists, who work directly with each client, in order to provide a level of support and comfort that isn’t available at any other law firm.
  2. The laws in New York State allow victims and survivors of sexual abuse to file their claims anonymously—thus protecting their identities and private lives while they’re seeking to hold Columbia and Hadden accountable. But even that, is sometimes not enough. So, Mr. DiPietro filed and has won, the only court decision in history that prevents a sexual predator (Robert Hadden) from obtaining copies of his victims’ private medical information, and testimony about the abuse that they suffered.
  3. In an effort to make sure that the abuse committed by Robert Hadden never happens to anyone else, Mr. DiPietro and his clients have forced Columbia University to adopt a series of Policy Changes, including allowing nurses and other co-workers to be recognized as “whistleblowers” and being allowed to report cases of suspected abuse anonymously—without having to worry about being fired for “doing the right thing”.

If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse by Robert Hadden, you are eligible to file a legal claim anonymously.

In addition, those who witnessed Hadden’s abuse are encouraged to share their stories with us anonymously.

All consultations are 100% free and confidential.

The DiPietro Law Firm has:

  • Recovered over $236 million against Columbia University and Robert Hadden
  • Forced Columbia University to enact policies to increase Patient Safety
  • Helped pass four (4) different laws that provide victims and survivors with a path to justice – including New York’s Adult Survivors’ Act and the Gender Motivated Violence Act

Resources for Sexual Exploitation & Abuse Survivors

We’re currently investigating this case and many other cases involving serial sexual predators.

As more information becomes available on our cases, we will share it on the The DiPietro Law Firm Twitter account (@atdipietro).

If you’re a survivor of sexual exploitation and abuse, please contact our Free Consultation Helpline for a 100% confidential and free consultation about your case at (212) 233-3600.

You’re not alone anymore.

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Somebody who sexually assaults patients under the guise of medical care DOES NOT deserve salutations.

Robert Hadden is not a doctor. Robert Hadden is a convicted sexual felon and is facing life in prison for the crimes he committed.

The only reason the DiPietro Law Firm uses “Dr. Robert Hadden” in some of our content is so that victims are able to find us when searching for help.

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