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Anthony T. DiPietro

Anthony T. DiPietro, Esq. is a compassionate and accomplished trial attorney with over two decades of experience exclusively dedicated to fighting for justice in medical malpractice and sexual abuse cases.
The right to sue wrongdoers in court is, by far, our society’s best alternative to vigilantism and random violence. My office specializes in using targeted litigation to expose wrongdoers, hold them accountable, and bring about change.
Anthony T. DiPietro - The DiPietro Law Firm New York, Philadelphia, Salt Lake City, representing sexual abuse, exploitation, sexual assault, medical malpractice and other related sexual crimes victims.
In every case, I look for opportunities to hit the defendants where it hurts them most. Pain = Change. Often that means hitting them in their wallets. But, not always. Over the past decade, our clients have done a lot more than just make Columbia University pay financially for the wrongs that were committed.
1. We’re continuing to expose Columbia, and this cover-up. By making an example of the University (and each of Hadden’s enablers), we hope that other institutions see what we’re doing, and will choose to protect their patients from sexual predators—not the other way around like Columbia has done. We’ve spent 2 years documenting our story in the podcast. Not one of us are making a penny off of it.
2. Serial sexual predator Robert Hadden is now in jail for what should be the rest of his life. It took 10 years, two separate criminal prosecutions, and the testimony of over 100 victims and survivors to make that happen.
3. We’ve forced Columbia University to adopt 10 new Policy changes designed to increase patient safety. That fight alone took several years. It results in exactly zero financial benefit to our clients or our firm. Instead, we did it because it seems like the right thing to do—and it was our way of trying to prevent this kind of thing from happening to anyone else in the future. Frankly, we shouldn’t have had to fight this hard for these changes. But again, Columbia refused to cooperate. So, we fought them and I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished.