[2024 Update] Fight against Columbia University ​continues beyond the Adult Survivors’ Act with ​DiPietro Law Firm

The DiPietro Law Firm is New York’s Original Patient Safety ​& Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Law Firm for Survivors. ​Attorney Anthony T. DiPietro, Esq. founded The DiPietro ​Law Firm in 2003 with the goal of becoming the nations ​most powerful law firm for people at large—not ​corporations.
We don’t represent insurance companies or corporate ​interests. Instead we only serve human clients, against ​often corrupt and powerful institutions. Mr. DiPietro is a ​regular person, who grew up in a working-class, blue collar ​family, and has dedicated his career to leveling the playing ​field for regular people, like himself.
Attorney Anthony T. DiPietro achieved his reputation as a ​skilled trial attorney while litigating countless cases ​involving wrongful death, birth injuries to newborn babies, ​and sexual exploitation and abuse cases.
In 2012, Attorney DiPietro filed the first case against ​Columbia University and its predator OB/GYN Robert ​Hadden. From the outset, DiPietro knew that Robert ​Hadden was a serial predator—and Columbia knew they ​were about to be exposed. A decade later, a podcast was ​created about DiPietro’s clients’ battle against Columbia ​and Robert Hadden. Listen to the shocking story on the ​podcast series, Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University ​on Apple podcasts.
Anthony T. DiPietro
This was an incredibly strategic move by DiPietro ​because it, in effect, has extended the New York ​Adult Survivors Act for patients who were exposed ​to Robert Hadden. You can view a copy of the ​Robert Hadden Class Action Complaint and see ​the amount of work, thought, and extraordinary ​effort that The DiPietro Law Firm puts into these ​cases.
Take advantage of this strategic move by DiPietro​—who has extended your time to file under the ​Adult Survivors Act.If you’d like to file a claim ​against Columbia University and Robert Hadden, ​you can do so with The DiPietro Law Firm—and be ​added to DiPietro’s existing cases under the New ​York State Adult Survivors Act.
Our office only work on a contingency basis. This means there are zero out-of-pocket costs to you, ever. ​Make sure you’re with New York’s original law firm for patient sexual exploitation and abuse cases, The ​DiPietro Law Firm. Call today: (212) 233-3600.
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