[2024 Update] Fight against Columbia University ‚Äčcontinues beyond the Adult Survivors‚Äô Act with ‚ÄčDiPietro Law Firm

The DiPietro Law Firm is New York‚Äôs Original Patient Safety ‚Äč& Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Law Firm for Survivors. ‚ÄčAttorney Anthony T. DiPietro, Esq. founded The DiPietro ‚ÄčLaw Firm in 2003 with the goal of becoming the nations ‚Äčmost powerful law firm for people at large‚ÄĒnot ‚Äčcorporations.
We don‚Äôt represent insurance companies or corporate ‚Äčinterests. Instead we only serve human clients, against ‚Äčoften corrupt and powerful institutions. Mr. DiPietro is a ‚Äčregular person, who grew up in a working-class, blue collar ‚Äčfamily, and has dedicated his career to leveling the playing ‚Äčfield for regular people, like himself.
Attorney Anthony T. DiPietro achieved his reputation as a ‚Äčskilled trial attorney while litigating countless cases ‚Äčinvolving wrongful death, birth injuries to newborn babies, ‚Äčand sexual exploitation and abuse cases.
In 2012, Attorney DiPietro¬†filed the first case against ‚ÄčColumbia University and its predator OB/GYN Robert ‚ÄčHadden. From the outset, DiPietro knew that Robert ‚ÄčHadden was a serial predator‚ÄĒand Columbia knew they ‚Äčwere about to be exposed. A decade later, a podcast was ‚Äčcreated about DiPietro‚Äôs clients‚Äô battle against Columbia ‚Äčand Robert Hadden. Listen to the shocking story on the ‚Äčpodcast series,¬†Exposed: Cover-Up at Columbia University¬†‚Äčon Apple podcasts.
Anthony T. DiPietro
This was an incredibly strategic move by DiPietro ‚Äčbecause it, in effect, has extended the New York ‚ÄčAdult Survivors Act for patients who were exposed ‚Äčto Robert Hadden. You can view a copy of the ‚ÄčRobert Hadden Class Action Complaint and see ‚Äčthe amount of work, thought, and extraordinary ‚Äčeffort that The DiPietro Law Firm puts into these ‚Äčcases.
Take advantage of this strategic move by DiPietro‚Äč‚ÄĒwho has extended your time to file under the ‚ÄčAdult Survivors Act.If you‚Äôd like to file a claim ‚Äčagainst Columbia University and Robert Hadden, ‚Äčyou can do so with The DiPietro Law Firm‚ÄĒand be ‚Äčadded to DiPietro‚Äôs existing cases under the New ‚ÄčYork State Adult Survivors Act.
Our office only work on a contingency basis. This means there are zero out-of-pocket costs to you, ever. ‚ÄčMake sure you‚Äôre with New York‚Äôs original law firm for patient sexual exploitation and abuse cases, The ‚ÄčDiPietro Law Firm. Call today: (212) 233-3600.
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