How to Research a Doctor’s Background and Medical Credentials

In order to assist you and your family obtain the safest medical care, I have outlined a search that our office performs on every doctor who injures one of our clients. It’s my hope that this information will help you make more informed choices about the healthcare that you receive.

Go to this link and type in the doctor’s name to find the doctor’s Medical License Number to see if the doctor was Disciplined in New York State in the past.
Using the 6-Digit Medical License Number, go to the New York State website for Professional Medical Conduct and Physician Discipline.

In the box that says “License Number,” type in the 6-Digit Medical License Number. Any action taken against a doctor’s license it will appear here.

In the State of New York everybody who tries to sue a doctor must first obtain a Certificate of Merit. Therefore, every time there is a lawsuits against a doctor in New York it means that the patient, the lawyer, and an Independent Medical Expert concludes that malpractice was committed.

Also, remember that bringing a medical malpractice case is both expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, I will not bring a lawsuit against any doctor unless I truly believe there was malpractice.

The best way to find out how many times a doctor has been sued in New York is to go to You may have to create a free account to login. Once there, you can search for lawsuits by county and by using the doctor’s name. A complete search should always include the county in which the doctor practices, not just the county where you reside.